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Elliptical Machine Features
- Mar 31, 2018 -

The elliptical machine, also known as a spacewalker, is a device that works well for cardiopulmonary exercise. It is popular with many users and professionals. The slope design of the elliptical machine, resistance adjustment function, well-organized exercise patterns and the ability to exercise the muscles of a certain tissue in the lower extremities make it a common exercise device in professional gyms and family living rooms. Although there are certain differences in the quality and comfort of the different types of elliptical machines, this type of machine is undoubtedly a powerful weapon for cardiopulmonary exercisers.


The biggest feature of the elliptical machine is that there is no point in the knee joint when the body exercises it. Using elliptical exercise can not only prevent, reduce, and relieve cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, and upper back pain, but also avoid the impact generated during running and better protect the joints, so that it has a better safety factor. The elliptical function exercises and stimulates the adjustment of the sciatic nerve, enhances the endurance and strength of the waist muscles, and stimulates the stimulation of the buttocks, thighs, side waist, and lower abdomen to achieve the effect of body sculpting.