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Difference Between Treadmill And Real Running
- Apr 10, 2018 -

the difference:

1. When the temperature is the same, running on a treadmill is much hotter than running on the road. Because there is air conditioning in the gym, but because your body physically moves in place, there is no natural wind. Running on the road, the body moving forward will produce wind, so it is easier to dissipate heat. Of course, the gym has air conditioning, which can basically be heated, run outdoors, and it's fine in winter. Running is not cold. Summer is very painful.

2. The degree of freedom of the speed of the treadmill is poor, but the speed is more constant. The speed of the treadmill is controlled by the machine, although you can adjust by buttons, but people running is extreme, there is a period of time more tired, some time is easier. When you are running on the road, you will be a little slower when you are tired, and you will be slightly faster when you are relaxed. But you are not so free on the treadmill. On the other hand, treadmills can exercise people more tolerant to extremes and maintain constant speed. I have run more than a thousand kilometers on a treadmill. I am now running very standard. I can run at a constant speed of 9 KM/H on the playground and on the road. The standard is incredible. The error is within 10 seconds per kilometer.

3, boring and fun different. Some people on the treadmill said it was boring. Indeed, boring in the room, no scenery can be seen. However, on a treadmill, you can put a TV on your own, and you can bring your own Pad to watch a movie. Running for a long time is not boring. I ran a half-marathon on a treadmill and got a two-hour movie. It was very comfortable. When running on the road or running on the playground, you can see the scenery and see other people running. The space is also very large and open. There is no feeling of depression.

4, different security. Many newcomers to the treadmill are not comfortable and feel a bit dizzy. However, there is no problem if you adapt it slightly. On a treadmill, as long as you do not fall, the other dangers are almost gone. Running in the playground, not hitting people, not being hit by a flying football, is not too dangerous. Running on the road, there are many risk points, cars, criminals, dogs, road conditions (pit, water, uneven), etc., so it is recommended to run on the road must not wear headphones to listen to music!

5, shock absorption and sports injuries are different. Good treadmills are equipped with shock absorbers. Personally, running on a treadmill, impact on the knee, and injury to the body are better than any hard ground such as concrete pavement and asphalt pavement, and inferior to plastic track. The best road is a plastic track, followed by a treadmill.

6. Affected by weather/air. Running on a treadmill is hardly affected by any weather. Of course, the weather causes traffic disruption, and going to the gym is an extreme situation. Running on the road outdoors, rain, snow, ice on the road, wind, sand and dust, a great impact. More importantly, air pollution is also a big problem. The air in most major cities is probably not suitable for running outdoors. The above six points, regardless of their order, can be written as you like. The importance varies from person to person.

Same point:

1, the effect of exercise, consumption of heat, strength, and exertion are almost the same. Although there are various arguments, it is considered that treadmills are much easier than running on the road, and even some people have come up with data saying that it is 70%. However, I did not see an authoritative report that showed a clear difference between the two. Counter-evidence: treadmills are in use all over the world, including all developed countries. If there are really such big differences, then the manufacturers will certainly improve or mark them. As far as I am concerned, on the road, on the playground, on the treadmill, I have run through 10 km and half-marathons several times. I have almost the same time and fatigue. Also ran for 12 minutes, etc., and the results are almost the same.

2, the knee injury on a treadmill is nonsense. There is no doubt that running has impact and wear on the knee. But as long as exercise, there may be damage to the body, and the health of the person is maintained by the dynamic balance of nutrition, rest and exercise. As long as the posture is correct, don't overdo it. Nutrition and rest will help the body to become more and more healthy. The shock absorption of a treadmill actually feels better than concrete. After I ran 10 kilometers on the concrete floor, my knee and ankle pain exceeded that of the treadmill. Some people even say that running on a treadmill is not good for the brain. I think it is more nonsense.