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Correct Elliptical Posture
- Apr 18, 2018 -

1) posture is very important: feet standing in the right place, the toes naturally ahead or slightly outside the eight; back straight, abdomen properly tightened, slightly bent knees do not straighten;

2) Co-ordination between hands and feet: During the exercise, the foot is stepped on the entire foot, and the arms above the instrument are lightly held by both hands. The hands move with the foot, and the muscles of the whole body do not collapse too tightly. There are two choices in the place where you hold the hand: It is recommended that novices who are just beginning to practice begin to grip from the handle below, which will ensure better body stability and will not deform the movement during exercise. When gripping the top handle, the arm is forced to work with the leg to force the whole body muscles.

3) Hip activation: Before the novice exercise, you can find some hip training postures such as hip bridge and high lunge. On the one hand to warm up, on the other hand can better feel the right part of force - hip and thigh back force.

4) Strengthen the feeling of buttocks: The elliptical machine is very good at exercising the legs and buttocks as a hip-raising artifact. During exercise, the body sits down slightly and makes the hips and thighs tense. Keep your upper body upright and tighten the core of the abdomen. Do not sway.

5) Foot position: All the feet fall to the ground. During the whole process, the heel should not be lifted. When doing an elliptical exercise, the leg is stepped downwards, and you can start the training slightly forward and down to feel the force of the hips and the back of the thigh. If you raise your heel or heel, you will use more force on the front of the thigh, which is contrary to the intention of exercising your hips.

6) Stretching: After exercise, make sure to stretch and embellish the leg lines. It is better to use more than ten minutes to focus on stretching the front and rear sides of the buttocks and thighs. It is better to stick more than 20 seconds for each movement.