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A Song Suitable For Listening While Running On A Treadmill
- Apr 18, 2018 -

①. 0~5mins'

Warm-up, low climbing, slope between 6 and 8, speed between 5 and 6

The melody is light and fast, and it is getting better and better. After 5 minutes, you should feel the palm of your feet warm. In order to continue high-strength climbing.

1.《Something Just Like This》-the Chainsmokers|Coldplay

2.《Paris》-the Chainsmokers


High-strength climbing, slope of 13 to 15, the speed is still 5 to 6.

The cymbal rhythm is strong and not too fast. It matches the rhythm of walking and climbing. However, we must not look at the slow pace. The high slope will exercise inside the thigh and will also stretch the muscle behind the leg.

Keep your posture straight and straight, with your hands at the same pace, and look straight ahead. Do not look at the ipad and the TV on the treadmill. This is harmful to the spine and has no benefit.

3.《Million Reasons》-Lady Gaga

4.《Shape of you》- Ed Sheeran

5.《Just Hold On》-Steve Aoki/Louis Tomlinson

This song is very suitable for this because it really needs hold on until the last few minutes.


Take a rest, but it is adjusted to a low slope, slope 6 to 8, the speed does not change, this time you will find that the low slope is really flat, drink saliva it. Physical fitness is good, this can be reduced to 2, 3 minutes.

6.《Tears》-Clean Bandit/Louisa Johnson


Fast running, slope 0 ~ 2, speed 9 ~ 10

Although it is a dinner, although after a high-grade climb, the whole body is already in a state, even at a relatively high speed.

✔ I like to use running meditation to describe this 20-minute state. Therefore, I love to listen to the coldplay songs of coldplay in the first 10 minutes. The more YY my brain feels, the less I feel tired. I don't know what you think, I can imagine a lot of things, such as the plot in the movie just finished.

Those who don't like coldplay can skip this section directly. Here are the tracks with strong rhythm.

7. "Hymn For The Weekend" - Coldplay

8. "A Head Full of Dreams" - Coldplay

9. "Adventure of A Life Time" - Coldplay

10. "Couting Stars" - One Republic

11. Hold on, We’re Going Home - Drake/Majid Jordon

"Hold on" and "Demons" are very suitable for listening when the body is in the limit state. Although the blogger is now accustomed to not having a sense of limit, it is OK to run at high speed for 5 minutes. However, if tired, these two songs can help you stick with it.

12. Demons - Imagine Dragons


Under the rest, the speed lingers to 5-6, 2 minutes, and then adjust to a low slope, the slope is raised to 6-8, the speed does not change, still have a feeling of rest in sports,

13. Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Paloma Faith

14. "Sing" - Ed Sheeran


Come on, abuse yourself slightly, adjust the slope to 13-15, and the speed will not change.

At this time, really need some endurance to complete high-strength climbing. But music is lightly written. Come on!

15. "Rude" - Magic!

16. "We Remain" - Christina Aguilera


Adjust back to a low slope, speed 5-6, slope 6-8, the body feels like resting.

17. Ghost Town - Adam Lambert

18. Fight Song - Rachel Plattern


Calm and relax. Half of the treadmill has a cool down button. Just click it and it will automatically slow down the slope. After that, you need to stretch and relax.

Soothing and soothing. You can listen to it on your way home.

19. Photograph - Ed Sheeran

20. Moon - Sia