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In Addition To Treadmills, This 8 Aerobic Exercise Is Also Great
- May 05, 2018 -

Try other instruments   

Elliptical machine

In addition to reducing the impact of exercise on the joints, another great benefit of elliptical machines is that they can effectively improve your posture and work out to the lower body muscle groups. You can try to fall on the elliptical machine to exercise your quadriceps; or try to make the stride greater, you can exercise the hip muscles.

Exercise bike

For recreation and fitness beginners, exercise bikes are a very beneficial aerobic exercise device. With the continued movement of the lower body muscles, the calories can be accompanied by a smoother blood circulation.

Grade exercise

If ordinary treadmills just let you run, then treadmills with slopes are more reminiscent of hiking. The intense slopes up to 40 degrees can help you burn more calories in less time.

Rowing machine

You may think that rowing machines are not as easy to use as treadmills; but not because of a bit of technical content, they have been stunned by rowing machines. As a device capable of exercising to the entire muscle group, rowing machines can burn calories, improve cardiopulmonary function, and exercise the legs, core muscles, and arms.

Try aerobic exercise without equipment

Ski jump

First activity knees to warm up. Keep your feet apart and your hips wide, deep into the chest and knees, bend your elbows and swing your arms back to the ground. Can repeat the action to achieve fat burning effect.


Repeat the following five steps: 1 deep squat 2 palms while the back of the legs to support the back, put the plate to support the action of 3 volts to push forward 4 leg jump back to a half squat posture 5 body up jump.

Step forward

Separate your feet from your hips and place your center of gravity on your knees. Arms bent, elbows back. The fastest frequency has been briskly walking in place. Repeat every 15 seconds for 10 repetitions.

Tablet support

The plate supports the climber's posture at the same time, keeping one's knees and chest close to each other and changing to the other side. Support your body with one hand, and touch the opposite shoulder with your other hand. Sideways with one-hand elbow support, hips up. Don't let workouts become boring and combine aerobic exercises together!