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30 Days Treadmill Challenge, Waiting For You To Fight!
- Apr 28, 2018 -

30 days treadmill challenge

Here is a practical guide to super-comfortable full-body exercises that will make you shout from your heart one month later: “I like to run on a treadmill!”

In addition to being boring, the 30-minute interval workout will also improve your endurance, speed and strength, make you a stronger runner through a month, and complete some aerobics while the treadmill is off. Action sculpture body curves (you can also do these exercises on a yoga mat). Don't worry, the whole exercise plan is a combination of work and rest. It will give you time to recover - jog, walk, help you drop your heart rate, and prepare for the next high intensity interval workout.


Stretching before running: kicking and running

The body was standing upright with his arms raised, and heel-to-hip was repeated 20 times.


Leg swing

With the left hand holding the treadmill to keep the body still, the left leg swings to the left and then swings to the torso, and after 10 repetitions, the right leg moves again.



Stand straight on both sides of the body, bend your right hand down as far as possible to touch the left toe, back to combat position, and then touch the right toe. Repeat 20 times alternately.


Toy Soldier

Keep the body straight and keep the center of gravity steady. Raise the right leg to the left arm's horizontal position. Repeat 10 times and replace it with the left leg.


Fat Burning Training: Triceps Stretch

A. With the treadmill off, place your hand on the side of the treadmill and keep your hands behind your back while keeping your legs straight.

B. The elbows are bent while the hips are sinking until the elbows are at a 90-degree angle and the movements are repeated for 1 minute.


push ups

A. When the treadmill is off, the body pushes up on the running belt, placing both hands on both sides of the running belt and pressing down on the shoulders.

B. The chest sinks to the bottom of the treadmill, keeping the back straight and the neck natural.

C. straight arm forward. Repeat for 1 minute.



A. With the treadmill off, hold your arms and shoulders at the same height and grasp the sides of the treadmill base.

B. Lift one knee to the chest as much as possible and alternately and repeatedly for 1 minute.


Raise your feet

A. With the treadmill off, place your right foot on the side of the treadmill and keep your toes down.

B. Hands on the lumbar side, upper body squatting, making a 90-degree angle left leg, knee pressure and ankle level. Reply to the initial action. After repeated actions, continue to the other side.


Stretching after running: hamstring stretching

After turning off the treadmill, place the right leg on the handle of the right side panel. Touch the tip of your toes with your hands and press your head down against your knees. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat on the left side.


Limb stretch

When the treadmill is off, the left hand holds the handle to support the body, and the right hand grasps the right ankle so that the heel is close to the buttocks. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds and then switch to the other side.


Hip extension

Hold the treadmill handle to support the body, cross the left ankle to the right knee, then bend the right knee and straighten your arms so that the hips remain seated. Continue for at least 15 to 30 seconds, then repeat for the other leg.


Back muscle stretching

Feet on both sides of the running belt, holding the panel with both hands, keeping your body forward and keeping your legs 90 degrees. Lasts 15 to 30 seconds.

Find your basic speed

Before you start running, you have to find your own "basic speed" or "basic pace," based on which you can improve your ability. How to find? Used to sing! Find the speed at which you can sing and sing, or speak without breathing. (Almost is to take out 40% - half power, after all, you have to upgrade on this basis!) And then the base speed minus 1.0, is your jogging speed.

Don't let the body close to the treadmill. If you feel like you have to work hard, you need to rely on the control panel to continue. It means you are too fast. Also remember to straighten your chest and look forward with your eyes, don't stare at your own feet!


In the second week, you will be running 0.2 times faster than before, including your base speed.


Each interval run should be 0.5 degrees steeper than before and it feels like fat is burning!

It is important to keep in mind that when you are challenging the slope, shorten your strides appropriately and your body rests on the treadmill. Remember to put your arm up, and don't hold the handrail even when climbing a hill.

Exercise endurance

This week, you will have to run 1.5 times the base speed, plus one extra minute at a time. Then switch to jogging to resume, which helps exercise endurance.