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10 Strokes For Safe Use Of Treadmills
- Nov 09, 2017 -

1. Before exercising in any fitness club, do a physical test, and if you have a history of disease or drug allergy, you need a doctor's certificate. Security is always the first.

2. Wear suitable clothing, especially sports shoes, must choose a pair of comfortable, fit sports shoes.

3. Before using the treadmill to check whether the running machine is stable, the table is dry.

4. Before the start of the exercise feet to stand on both sides of the treadmill pedal part, and the emergency brake clip clip to the clothes. When all the debugging is complete, the treadmill starts to rotate, then put the foot on the treadmill, if it is the first time to use, you need to put your hands on both sides of the handle.

5. Movement of the eyes to see the front, do not suddenly turn around, do not look back, otherwise it will let you lose balance.

6. If you have a bad sense of balance, don't hold heavy weights while running.

7. Do not run on the treadmill, or do some dangerous action.

8. When you finish training, you have to drop your heart rate below 120 per minute before you can press the Stop button.

9. When running the treadmill must wait for the table to completely stop stable, many accidents are at the end of the movement occurred.

10. If you weigh more than 140 kilograms, don't "torture" the treadmill.