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Use treadmill running posture correctly
- Mar 19, 2018 -

1, upright waist plate, keep the upper body a line some people used to braces when running, people are leaning forward, it will increase the pressure on the lumbar spine, a long time will cause lumbar strain. Keep your head, neck, and back in a straight line. Keep your eyes flat in front of you. Do not look down or glance back and forth. This determines the efficiency of your running.

In addition, the shock caused by the falling motion of the running ground gives the human's soles almost five times the weight. The forward leaning of the center of gravity will bring more impact to the joints of the legs and feet, and it will cause discomfort as time passes. Therefore, when exercising on a treadmill, be sure to abdomen and chest, tighten the lower back muscles.

2, the shoulders to relax, to swing before and after the arm Mo swing arm Although running is a lower body movement, but the arm movement is not dispensable, arm swing back and forth to give you the power to move forward. Incorrect swing arms can also cause physical discomfort. The best posture is to relax the shoulders, droop naturally, and naturally bend the arms, half fists in both hands, and do not swing the arms. This will cause the center of gravity to sway around, causing adverse effects on the knee joints. When exercising on a treadmill, you must swing your arms back and forth. When you are tired, take care not to shrug your shoulders and you can shake your shoulders and relax.

3, foot landing posture to correct Mo foot directly landing Some people running with a treadmill when the sound is particularly loud, it is likely to use the soles of the feet directly to the ground. The direct impact of the soles of the feet will be large and without buffering, the reaction of the ground to the human body will be transmitted through the skeleton to the spine and the brain. This is why some people feel uncomfortable after exercising on the treadmill.

We should use the heel and foot in the tribal land, then quickly roll the foot forward, and then the forefoot to leave the ground. When the foot falls to the ground, the sound can't be too big. Be light and flexible.