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Treadmill Creative Exercise
- Apr 03, 2018 -



2. Increase your upper body workout on your treadmill. Turn off the running belt, or step your feet on the track on the side of the treadmill. You can use the armrests to do chest compressions and triceps presses to work up the upper body on the treadmill.

• Hold the track on the front of the treadmill and place your hands within the allowable length of the track. Take a standing chest press with a bent arm, try to place the upper body close to the front guide and display, and then push the arm upwards to straighten the arm.

· Dumbbell exercises, take a pair of light weight dumbbells, such as the weight of 3 or 5 pounds, when you walk on the treadmill can also do biceps exercises, but also enhance the effect of exercise.


3, sideways. When walking normally on a treadmill, consider walking on the side or slowly walking on the side. Use handrails at the beginning to maintain balance. ]

· Start walking normally on a treadmill. After walking for a while, grab the handguard on one side and then turn quickly toward the handguard. If you are not sure about your movements, practice on the flat ground and then exercise on the treadmill.

· Walk on both sides of the treadmill for the same amount of time to evenly work your muscles.


4, go backwards. Start walking on a treadmill and make sure the speed is set at 2.5 kilometers per hour. Then turn to your side, and then go to the back, in the process to grab the handrail to keep your balance, then you can release the handrail and walk on the treadmill.

· Use the slope setting to enhance your leg workouts.

· Turn around every two minutes or so and mix and exercise to exercise different muscles.


5. Consider attending a training class or buying a treadmill workout video. Take a look at whether your regular exercise gym has treadmill classes and the lessons can help you to exercise more effectively. If you have a treadmill at home, you can watch video exercises, which is more challenging using fitness trainers to design speed and exercise sequence.