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- Apr 16, 2018 -


  1. The treadmill is reciprocated by the motor-driven running belt and cooperates with the athlete to perform passive walking and running on the running belt. In addition to the basic running functions, treadmills usually have functions such as variable speed running, slope adjustment, shock absorption, step counting, and comprehensive fitness.

  2. The advantages of treadmill exercise include large exercise space, rapid calorie consumption, and relatively mature technology; The disadvantage of treadmill exercise is that it requires more use methods. If it is used improperly, it may cause sports injuries. In addition, the treadmill noise and Power consumption is relatively larger.

  3, the applicable crowd of treadmills. It is more suitable for people who have no leg and joint injury, and friends who weigh more than 70 kilograms should also moderate moderate amount and step by step (please choose a model with good damping performance and put on shock-absorbing sports shoes).

  4, price. Treadmills have high requirements for motors, noise control, shock absorption, exercise programs, safety, etc. Therefore, the cost of treadmills is higher than that of elliptical machines and spinning bikes of the same level.

  5, the principle of choice. A look at the motor power and speed range, the greater the power of the motor, the wider the speed range the better; Second look at the width of the running belt and the body size, the wider the running belt, the bigger the better the body; Third, the shock absorption design, shock absorption It is better if there are many devices and reliable, and the sound effect is good; four look auxiliary functions, with slope adjustment function is better.