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The selection of the treadmill
- Nov 09, 2017 -

1, the treadmill function of the comfort of operation: This is mainly based on their own use of treadmill experience is good.

2, treadmill running area: This mainly affects the comfort of our running time, large-space treadmill to run more comfortable, the main reference to the width of the treadmill and the stability of the running board.

3, whether the default program to meet the needs: We are in the running exercise when some data need to be monitored, these preset functions to meet your own needs, in the treadmill experience, it is best to experience all the preset procedures.

4, the safety of running exercise how: we use the treadmill to exercise the purpose is to the health of the body, so the safety of the treadmill is that we must consider. Generally, the design of the armrest of the treadmill is convenient and comfortable and the Quick Stop button is easy to touch and be flexible.

5, the treadmill panel design is humane: when we exercise on the treadmill, the information on the run is always our concern. Therefore, whether the treadmill panel design conforms to ergonomics is more important.

6, Treadmill Motor: treadmill motor, in addition to the power to fit the weight, the motor when the smoothness of the operation and the noise of the two also need to pay attention to.

7, the speed of the treadmill and slope adjustment function: These two points according to their own and the family treadmill exercise situation to decide, in the purchase time should understand the treadmill preset speed and slope adjustment function to meet their own needs.

8, the stability of the treadmill function switch how to: Sometimes, we need to run exercise at any time to switch the mode of running, if in the running mode switch, the treadmill reaction to the body shaking, the stability of the treadmill is very poor.

9, the running belt is smooth: The running belt is we in the treadmill exercise when the more important part of the main parts, if running in running when running is not smooth, often appear skidding, intermittent and running, and so on, it is bad for running exercise. If it is a long running run with the deviation of the adjustment can be used to refer to the treadmill running deviation how to adjust the article.

10, the overall experience of the treadmill: the general design of the treadmill, the adaptability of its runners are very good, when you buy the treadmill before, the above all the features are experienced, how do you feel?

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