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The fitness principle of dynamic cycling
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Like all aerobic exercises, dynamic cycling is also the goal of reducing fat while consuming energy while fully activating the body's motion cells.

According to the coach, dynamic cycling is one of the largest exercise equipment in the gymnasium, the requirements of physical fitness is very high, usually a class can consume about 500 calories, but also discharge a lot of sweat, the body's water loss quickly, so it is timely replenishment. But a lot of water loss does not mean that it is by "reducing water" to lose weight, if you exercise when the heart rate table, it will be very clear to see yourself in the exercise process, from which moment it is completely in the consumption of fat. In the leg as the center of the exercise process, the buttocks, waist, back, arm muscles can be fully exercised, but also to enhance your heart and lung function.

Provide smooth, accurate resistance: the latest technology and materials in the automotive industry are applied to drag control, flywheel and Poly v belts, providing a smooth, fluid comfort and a "real" cycling experience for the user.