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The expensive treadmills for serious walkers
- Dec 18, 2018 -

The expensive treadmills for serious walkers

Better Treadmills: Comparing Treadmills Priced $1000+…

Under $1500
The most popular home treadmills for runners and serious walkers have full prices around $1999 and up, but you can order one for $1499 or less at sale time. Three-year parts and electronics warranties accompany the best options. Compared with treadmills under $1000, these cardio trainers are higher powered, more comfortable to use, and equipped with better features such as steeper power inclines, larger touchscreens (possibly with web browsers) and enhanced workout options such as heart-rate controlled workout programs. Sometimes they’re shipped with wireless chest straps. 

· Under $2000
Our top-rated hometreadmills with sale prices under $2K  have impressive performance, cutting-edge electronics, and the creature comforts of health club treadmills. You can expect parts and electronics warranties of at least five years. Since these treadmills are so unlikely to break down, manufacturers can afford to offer free in-home servicing too. The best treadmills in this price class can be ideal choices for avid runners and for households with more than one trainee. Some valuable traits of these treadmills are “behind the scenes.” Machines costing a bit less might look similar (with 10” touch screens and spacious tracks, for instance) but won’t necessarily endure as long. For instance, the best treadmills under $2000 tend to have higher quality belts. These not only last longer than other belts, but may be maintenance-free whereas others require occasional waxing. These treadmills might also be equipped with better cushioning systems, which make a big difference to comfort and endurance. High quality treadmill cushioning has even been shown to boost calorie burn rates.

· $2000 and Up
Premium treadmills are often sale priced at $2000 at up. Full prices can be $3500 or more. This category includes incline trainer treadmills (great for calorie burn), very high-speed treadmills for marathon runners, and all-around luxury treadmills for everyday exercise at any intensity. These cardio trainers carry light commercial warranties and/or very long residential warranties. Highlights vary among the treadmill brands and models, but some top features in this top tier include: very high maximum speeds, excellent absorption of shock and sound, extra-large monitors (15”+), web-enabled touch screens, integrated television, and fitness tests in addition to standard workouts. The best values in this price class have maintenance-free tracks and decks that are reversible for twice the life.

Even within a price class, differences from model to model can be significant. Our in-depth treadmill reviews let you know how specific choices compare with each other.