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The difference between commercial,semi-commercial, and home treadmills
- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. Commercial treadmill: The size is very big, the width is basically above 50 centimeters, also very heavy and usually appears in the gym, the clubhouse. Generally not recommended at home, most can not be folded. First of all, the noise will generally be slightly larger because the motor is fiercer. Second, the price is too expensive, usually tens of thousands, even tens of thousands of foreign. It is suitable for dozens of people/angels without any problems, and quality must be leveraged. If it is to consider the choice of commercial, it is recommended that the bulk purchase price is appropriate. Most commercial treadmills are AC motors. If you see online that advertises yourself as a "business treadmill" or "commercial level," it is not a commercial machine at all, but a marketing advertisement. Do not mistakenly believe that choosing a cost-effective machine may be a "pit."

2.semi-commercial treadmill: Most semi-commercial refers to some brands of high-end home models, running around 50cm, this type of gym is not applicable, not necessarily resistant to build. However, light commercial use is more popular in clubs and other places, because the appearance is usually better, there are fewer people at the club, and there are many people watching. In addition, there is a personal user who has a relatively high requirement for the machine, such as a fitness person or a health player at home, and the light commercial use is completely satisfied. The general price is around 7K~1W.

3. Home treadmills are mostly between 40 and 48 in width, and the most cost-effective one is usually between 3 and 5 thousand. The following 2000 recommendations will not be bought. Occasionally there is a very wide, and I will elaborate on it below. Continuing horsepower between 1.0 and 2.0 (note that it is not a continuous peak) is generally a common way of damping, and performance is just enough. Better dampening of home machines is sure to protect the knees, but try not to choose too big a width. There are usually 2 or 3 members in the home. Basically enough for home use, it is suitable for normal daily exercise. Or indoor and outdoor running.