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The development history of rowing machine
- Nov 09, 2017 -

In order to maximize the reduction of water rowing campaign, rowing has undergone several major product innovation:

1, hydraulic resistance rowing device--

Nordic Finland Dontelli invented the world's first single cylinder hydraulic rowing machine The boat was born to represent the modern sense of a real home rowing machine, the European and American countries began to accept the home fitness boating.

2, wind resistance rowing device-

1976 American Dike and Pete Drdssigacker developed an indoor fitness rowing machine, which is free of space and weather restrictions, and the product is also the dimension of modern wind-resistant rowing machines. Since the advent of the rowing device W, immediately by the vast number of rowing athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and in Europe and the United States and even the world quickly promoted, especially the international rowing movement of the powerful Germany, the product has been the pursuit of Chong. And in this period, people began to improve the fitness rowing device from the source of resistance.

3, water resistance rowing device--

The United States water sports rowing team in winter and the rainy season can not be outdoor training, causing athletes long time physical and flexibility can not be maintained. Many kinds of rowing machine imitate the action of paddle, but too mechanized, limited the natural dynamic experience of paddling in water, it is easy to cause mechanical fatigue.

Under these conditions, the John Duck Duke of the American Water Sports Rowing Team jointly developed the first hydro-resistance rowing machine in 1988 at Yale University in the United States. According to ergonomics and the principle of water rowing, through the design of water, simulation of the surface of the water boating natural smooth and smooth. At the same time, through the unique design of the water wheel, it accurately reproduces the physical dynamic process of the moving ship, and designs the most lifelike water resistance rowing device.