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spinning bike purchase
- Mar 29, 2018 -


In recent years, the fitness equipment market in China has been increasing year by year. With the implementation of the national fitness plan, the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in consumer attitudes, etc., fitness equipment, especially home fitness equipment, especially home fitness equipment The sales also have a great promotion.

Every Saturday and Sunday, in the stores that sell fitness equipment, people who go to consult and ask for product specifications and buy fitness equipment are always in a constant stream. What should you pay attention to when you buy a home gym?

Fully estimate the status quo

First of all, be aware of your current situation, such as what kind of fitness equipment you have now; whether these equipment can meet your needs, whether it is old, whether it is safe and so on. If existing fitness equipment can no longer meet your needs, what kind of equipment do you want to add? Is it primary, advanced, or both? After thinking about it, you may wish to sort out the above questions and line them up. There are three advantages to doing so. First, you can have a more complete understanding of your current situation. Second, let you know what kind of fitness you need. Supplies; Finally, it helps you to consider the issue of funding.

Take full account of the characteristics of your fitness venue

Activities in leisure and fitness require certain places, places are different, fitness activities and equipment used are not the same. So, such as how big a room you have, how high the room is; what obstacles in the house (such as air conditioners, door panels, heaters, columns, walls, etc.); whether there is a suitable power supply (some supplies require electricity); There is no free space around the home, and there are no swimming pools. All must be considered before purchasing fitness equipment. Only by taking full account of these circumstances, you can choose suitable sports methods and purchase the necessary fitness equipment.

Collect information about fitness equipment

When you fully consider your current situation and understand the information of fitness equipment. You can get some information from friends and family with fitness equipment. In addition, you can also get professional knowledge about fitness equipment and the status of certain companies and their products from the product salesman. Finally, you should sort out the collected information and classify it (such as muscle strength training, cardiopulmonary training, etc.). The more information you collect, the more detailed the better.

Seriously evaluate the company

After the work of collecting information is completed, the information must be analyzed and organized so that the required parts can be found out. You should carefully read the product introduction, and make clear about the use, design, structure, and basic principles of the product, and make judgments on whether or not it is reasonable. If you think it is unreasonable, you should stop investigating it. Instead, you should remove it from the information. In the remaining companies, you should pay attention to the sales situation and whether the product implements three bags, whether there are complete accessories, and how after-sales service is. , The product reputation is good or bad, product quality is guaranteed, the most important one is to understand whether the company's products have a reasonable price, in understanding the price, to ask the price of each component, rather than just ask a total price, In order to consider the issue of choosing accessories in the future, if you think the price is unreasonable, then delete it from the information.

Evaluation product

At this point, you'd better find an expert to advise you, and it's best to personally use the product to see if it suits you. For example, if the product size can be adjusted, whether it can meet the exercise requirements from the primary to the advanced level, the product Quality stability, robustness, safety, and whether the product can be upgraded... In short, we must thoroughly examine the quality, use, safety, and development of the product according to your requirements.

Make the final decision

At this point you can decide what products to buy from what company. You can buy several products from one company or buy the same products from several companies. The principle is to make the products you buy match, resulting in a comprehensive effect.

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