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spinning bike fitness method
- Mar 29, 2018 -

1. High-intensity fitness methods suitable for young people

During the warm-up phase, riding for 5 minutes, the speed should not be too fast. High intensity stage. Use your strength for 80%-100% for 5 minutes, decelerate your free ride for 5 minutes, and decelerate when riding. Recovery phase. Ride at 50% intensity for 10 minutes. The speed of riding slows down until it stops. In addition, young people can also selectively set up some difficult cycling environments, such as increasing the intensity of fitness by increasing the load and so on.

2. Aerobic exercise method suitable for middle and old people

The specific exercise method is free riding, each riding time is about 20-30 minutes. The speed of riding can be controlled by oneself. The initial stage must be slow, gradually accelerated, and gradually slow down before the end of fitness. When you are riding, pay attention to breathing, and do not feel shortness of breath at your own breathing pace. You should consciously strengthen active breathing so that you can inhale more oxygen. Also pay attention to the intensity control of cycling, generally the heart rate should be controlled within the target heart rate range, the upper limit = 220-age * 90%, lower limit = 220-age * 60%. "Sports exercise" is a fitness program suitable for the general public, but it is more suitable for women because of the characteristics of the exercise bike. Because from the perspective of sports anatomy, women have relatively low muscle content compared with men, and the proportion of fat is relatively low. On the other hand, the general physical energy consumption of women is lower than that of men, so it is more necessary for women to participate in certain sports. In addition, women have less muscle strength but relatively good muscle endurance. This is related to cycling. In addition, exercise physiology studies show that at the beginning of human body movement, the consumed physical energy is mainly supplied by blood sugar, and when the blood sugar is exhausted (about 20 minutes or so), it will begin to consume liver glycogen and fat. Exercise time is easy to complete only by cycling, so riding a bicycle is one of the best means for women to lose fat.Because of women's physiological characteristics, the bone density of female bones is lower than that of men, and women reach a certain age and suffer from osteoporosis. The rate of symptoms is higher than that of men, and riding an exercise bike can effectively prevent the deterioration of the skeleton and increase the skeletal function of the lower extremities.