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Spinning Bike Fit Object
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Originated in the United States, the dynamic cycling stained with a thick American flavor, vibrant, passionate, and therefore quite popular with the $number crowd of the favor. However, there is no age limit for this sport abroad, because it is scientifically designed to ensure the safety of participants, and the intensity of movement is entirely controllable and adaptable to all those who have the ability to exercise.

However, it is recommended that people with knee injury do not participate in the exercise, because the whole ride process, the knee friction is very large, coupled with high-intensity pressure, it is easy to form a potential injury, in the future movement will be gradually reflected in the process. Patients with heart disease and high blood pressure should also not be involved, lest there be danger in high-intensity training.

Two misconceptions that plague spinning practitioners

Wrong idea one: will the exercise bike make the limbs stout? You can look at the foreign coaches who have had many years of training experience, and they will tell you in a slender shape that you don't have to worry about turning your bike into a Big Mac.

Wrong idea two: is the sweat more, the more can lose weight? In fact, the need to reduce is fat, not moisture. The discharge of a large amount of sweat is actually the loss of body water, but not necessarily the body fat is a large amount of consumption.

According to the ergonomic design of the cushion to provide the greatest comfort: men and women suitable cushion for beginners and experienced users, professional design to correct posture, provide maximum comfort