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spinning bike considerations
- Mar 29, 2018 -

1. The seat of a bicycle is not easy to be excessively high, and it should be flexible so as to prevent the buttocks from twisting to the side during riding to reduce local friction.

2. When you ride the hips, sit on your hips and balance your legs to prevent the formation of a mass.

3, menstrual belt, sanitary napkins, shorts texture should be soft, in the menstrual period is best to ride less or not.

4. The seat is too hard to use foam plastic to make a soft seat cover on the seat to reduce friction between the seat and the genitals.

5. Adjust the seat height and angle. The seat is too high. When you ride the hips, the hips are bound to move right and left, which can easily cause bruising of the perineum. The upturn of the front seat of the seat makes it more likely to damage the perineum.

6. When riding for a long time, you should pay attention to change the riding position and move the body's center of gravity to prevent the perineum from being stressed for a long time.

7. When riding a speed-changing vehicle at the beginning, the speed should not be too fast, and the time should not be too long. After the body adapts, it can accelerate and increase the time.

8, when riding, if you find that the perineum has symptoms, you should promptly identify the reasons, if there is a problem with the seat, we must promptly eliminate or improve, and pay attention to rest, eliminate the symptoms after cycling; if you can not eliminate the symptoms Who should go to the hospital for medical treatment.

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