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Spinning bike
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Spinning bike

  1. The spinning bike is similar to the bicycle in terms of appearance and movement principle. The difference is that the position of the spinning bicycle is fixed, and the resistance of the spinning bicycle comes from the inertia of the flywheel, the magnetic resistance or the friction of the brake block, and the bicycle's Resistance comes from the road and air.

  2. The advantages of spinning exercise are that it saves space, is comfortable and comfortable; it can consume more abdominal fat, and can also use idle hands to do other things (such as reading books, listening to music, watching movies); the disadvantage of spinning is that The muscle group is limited (less participation of the upper limbs), and it may cause discomfort in the hips and ankles (to sit in the seat like riding a bicycle).

  3. The applicable crowd of spinning bikes. Young people use it more often, and they can also be used for quiet raisers under low load conditions. Large-flying spinning bicycles over 15 kilograms are more suitable for young adults who love strenuous exercise.

  4, the selection principle. A look at the weight of the flywheel, the larger the better the flywheel, the weight of the flywheel for household spinning bikes is generally between 8-20 kg; Second, the adjustment function, the height of the seat, the armrest and the front and rear position can be adjusted are better; Third, the resistance control Way, better electromagnetic control, followed by the brake block; four look at the size and weight of the body, with a large thick better.

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