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Rowing Machine Exercise Benefits
- Mar 30, 2018 -

1. Whole body muscles get exercise. In the course of a stroke, the major joints of the human body such as elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees will have a greater degree of motion, and then the corresponding muscles of the joints will be exercised - the forearm, the arm, the shoulders, the back, the core, and the glutes All of them have to alternately or collaboratively exert one force, which may be one of the most used movements in the body during exercise.

2. Very low injury probability, suitable for almost all groups of people sitting on the rowing machine, for large body weight (for example, those who want to lose weight quickly and is not good), the elderly (joint degeneration), rehabilitation group (recovery period after fracture of the lower extremities) ) And other people are very friendly, unlike the treadmill and other may cause lower limb impact. In addition, the rowing machine belongs to the “controlled-infinitely variable speed”, and the speed and force of the stroke are determined by themselves, and it is not easy to produce muscle strains due to aggressiveness. The possible sports injury of rowing machine is only the lumbar muscle strain, but the result is that in addition to the incorrect movement (bending or bending the lumbar spine), a large amount of training (for example, 4 hours per day for several months) is required. ) For most people, it is difficult to do anything.

3. Efficiently improve the physical fitness rowing machine has good effects on anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance, muscle endurance and so on. From the world's top synthetic martial arts athlete Cannon Connor to the 70-year-old old man who cannot go upstairs and downstairs, he can benefit from rowing machines by adopting his own training methods.

4. Cost-effective, compared with the big brands of high-end or light commercial treadmills, elliptical mobility up to tens of thousands of the price is very affordable, compared with the high-end water resistance rowing machine more than 10,000 prices are not expensive. No need to plug in electricity, occupying a small area (smaller than the washing machine after erecting or quick dismantling), weight 40 kg, almost no maintenance, very long service life (even if the professional rowing team uses high frequency training, can also use In more than five years, the family should be able to pass on).

5. Professionalism and Extensibility In addition to professional rowing athletes training, professionals from other projects can also use it to raise the lactic acid threshold, to train the heart and lungs or to lose weight mildly.