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Rowing machine action essentials
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Main muscle diagram


  1. At the beginning, sit on a rowing machine. Make sure your heels are placed comfortably on the foot of the pedal and the feet are in the belt. Select the applicable program that you want to use. Stiff sit down, hips bent forward.

2. When using a rowing machine, there are three stages of action. The first stage is when you move forward on the rowing machine. Bold knees touch the knees. The upper extremity leans forward slightly and still maintains a good posture. Next, push the foot pedal, stretch your legs, pull your hands up to your upper abdominal area, and squeeze your shoulders back. To avoid damaging your back, use your hip and hip muscles.

3. The recovery phase simply involves straightening your arms, bending your knees, moving your body forward again and transitioning back to the first stage.

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