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Related data of spinning bike
- Nov 09, 2017 -

The dynamic cycling originated in the United States is currently a popular aerobic sport in the gym. Sports with music, lighting, imitate a variety of sports, such as mountain climbing, fast cycling, and so on, very interesting.

The biggest feature of a dynamic bike is that you feel the ability to release the energy of your body for a long time, creating a sense of accomplishment. A cycling course is 45 minutes, the first 5 minutes warm-up, 35 minute training, the coach will adjust the car's resistance and transfer according to the individual intensity, and simulate the movement of the upper and lower slopes, in-situ walk, while exercising endurance while consuming fat; the last 5 minutes of relaxation exercise makes the lines look better. Such a class to adhere to the whole process can consume 400-500 of calories, equivalent to 1.5 hours of long-distance running, not only can reduce fat, but also improve cardiopulmonary function.

But not everyone is suitable for the use of dynamic cycling weight loss. According to the trainer of the fitness club, for the initial training members, to first test their physical fitness situation, according to the body's response to determine the exercise time and specific methods. He believes that the cycling movement requires strong leg strength, it is recommended that members should have one months of exercise after training, or the heart and lung function and legs can not stand this strong exercise.

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