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One kilometer of treadmill equals how many meters actually run?
- Mar 30, 2018 -

First of all, the speed of the treadmill is related to its horsepower. The speed of some treadmills before 8km/h is still very small, but the error of speeds above 8 is getting bigger and bigger. It is because of the motor horsepower. Not on. For example, in the case of a treadmill (assuming its limit speed of 16) is no-load and manned, we test the speed at three speeds of 4, 8, and 12. The test results are as follows:

(1) When empty

As can be seen from the picture, the speed of the running belt at no-load is 67.65m/min, 133m/min and 200.8m/min, respectively. After conversion, it is 4.059km/h, 7.98km/h and 12.048km/h. Consistent with the panel display.

(2) When manned

At the time of manned, the measured speeds were 66.8 m/min, 134 m/min, and 198 m/min, respectively. Afterwards, it was 4.008km/h, 8.04km/h, and 11.88km/h. The weight of the subjects was 50kg. This result shows that the error between the speed set by the treadmill and the actual speed is minimal.

At this time, running a kilometer on a treadmill is equal to the actual one kilometer running, even if the error is very small. The above is where the treadmill horsepower is sufficient and the set speed is in line with the actual situation. So, conversely, if the speed of the treadmill is less than the set speed, that is, when you drive the speed to 8 and it is actually not up to 8, then your treadmill shows that you run for one kilometer when you actually It is definitely not up to one kilometer.