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Main categories of Massager
- Nov 09, 2017 -

With the development of life and science, the Massager also develops in a variety of ways, but there are different classifications according to different methods.

Energy consumption can be divided into:

1, energy consumption and energy-free massage device. Energy-consuming massager is our ordinary electronic massage device, the need for power to operate, the energy-consuming massager is no need for power, the need for people to massage, in broad sense also include natural massage equipment, such as our use of combs, horns, logs, wooden massager, such as the walnut massage device.

2, massage device from the form of massage can also be divided into active massage and passive massage. The passive massager is we don't move, let the massager move, is a kind of enjoyment type of massage, the general electronic massager is a passive massage device; Active massage is a person active use of the massage device need to pay labor, the general natural massager, the walnut massage device is an active massage device, active massage device has "in the exercise massage, The dual health function of exercise in massage

3, electronic massage device is also divided into: electromagnetic massage, vibration massage and infrared massage. But there is a need to pay attention to the purchase of electronic massager, the purchase of regular manufacturers, some illegal electronic massage device may cause radiation harm to the body, and do not use electronic massage for a long time to massage the same body parts, especially near the brain, heart, so as to avoid long-term exposure to radiation, causing cardio-cerebrovascular disease. Of course, those natural massager does not have the energy consumption, also will not have the radiation, may use for a long time.

4, massage device from the massage part: neck, shoulder, back, waist, abdomen, brain, legs, feet, chest and eyes.