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Knee force of treadmill
- Apr 14, 2018 -

A. The running platform is the running path The biggest difference in running on the treadmill is that the original road has become a running platform. Assuming that if there is no treadmill damping, then the running floor is the running board, which is why the treadmill Must have a damping system and a good running board material, but poor quality shock absorbers and running boards hurt the knee more, many online Amoy brand publicity shock absorption and running board materials are exaggerated publicity, this point above the consumer Try to choose a better brand and avoid this risk. In addition, running boards can be soft but not very flexible. Especially for long-distance running and marathon training, long-term resilience will have a greater burden on the muscles.

B, control speed is equal to the control of force Many people recommend the treadmill speed control in 6-8 on it, this is not nonsense really makes sense, because the treadmill is an instant speed, people in the state of passive speed, meniscus Failure to move to both sides in time can result in uneven force on the knee, resulting in damage to the meniscus and injury to the knee. The acceleration we mentioned above is also this principle, because the knee injury is largely related to the meniscus.

C. Adjusting the slope is protecting the knee

The slope of the treadmill is divided into three ranges: 0-2°, 2-5°, and 5-8°. Studies have shown that when the gradient of the treadmill is 2-5°, the force of the palate platform decreases, so this time the most Reducing knee damage, so if the slope of the treadmill is adjusted well, it is actually good for the knee.