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Is treadmill running more likely to hurt the knee?
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Vol. 1 [congenital] - What constitutes a person's knee joint? The knee consists of a distal femur, a proximal tibia, and a sacral bone. It is the largest and most complex structure in the human body. It is also the joint with the greatest exercise load. It also has anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, collateral ligaments, and joint capsules. Structured with the meniscus. The synovial membrane of the joint capsule is extensive, except for the articular cartilage and the menisci that have no synovial covering, and the rest of the structure is covered with a layer of synovial tissue. The menisci are intra-articular fibrocartilage discs that absorb impact and increase the flexibility of the articular surface. Therefore, we often hear doctors say words such as synovitis or meniscus injury. Due to our knee joint structure, we can do harm to our knee joints if we do any exercise.

[innate] - its own factors

Many factors in runners themselves can affect the risk of knee injury, both large and small, and runners' gender, age, height, weight, high BMI, and genetic factors all increase the risk of injury. Especially age, weight and genetic factors, because they determine the state of the bones, running status and physical condition.

The force of the knee is related to our weight, running acceleration, and the angle of joint bending. Why is the knee pain after long running? Because it has to bear more strength, so as long as it is running, it has a burden on the knee joint, but how can we try to minimize this burden?