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Introduction to the function of spinning bike
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Reliable and solid components: the use of solid, high-quality accessories and materials, the necessary dynamic cycling can withstand high-intensity use. The easy rust part is stainless steel structure, the flywheel uses the chromium alloy coating treatment, the main bracket uses the electrostatic spraying technology to be possible the maximum antirust;

Simple maintenance: The dynamic bicycle not only looks beautiful, but also maintains convenient;

Easy to use: A simple plug-type adjustment system provides stability and safety; anti-skid multifunctional handle without disassembly can be used to adjust the button and adjust the safety system safety to be adjusted; two different parts of the kettle rack for easy use;

According to the ergonomic design of the cushion to provide the greatest comfort: men and women suitable cushion for beginners and experienced users, professional design to correct posture, provide maximum comfort

Bi-directional foot: the foot of the two-way selection and simple adjustment of the foot strap to meet the needs of different degrees of users, bicycle-specific shoes and sports shoes are applicable;

Provide smooth, accurate resistance: the latest technology and materials in the automotive industry are applied to drag control, flywheel and Poly v belts, providing a smooth, fluid comfort and a "real" cycling experience for the user.

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