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How important if treadmill have voice recognition
- Apr 14, 2018 -

If the treadmill is adding voice commands, it is at least an intelligent treadmill. Apart from the basic voice recognition technology, the smart treadmill also has the following features:

1. Data record analysis: This should be a basic requirement for smart treadmills. It allows users to clearly understand their own movements.

2. Face recognition: A more avant-garde intelligent system, eliminating the need for cumbersome digital passwords and direct facial input.

3. Air purification: There are many reasons to choose a treadmill because the outside air is not good, but the air at home is not good. If a smart treadmill increases air purification at the same time, it can be said to be perfect. Through understanding, Little Motion knows that air purification is delivered through an aerobic fan to balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide breathing cycles in the body. The filter system provides users with cleaner air.

4. Interactive pk: Small move thinks that sometimes treadmills are really boring. Indifferent boring sensations, noisy environmental factors and a single form of running make the treadmill far from many people. But if you use an intelligent treadmill equipped with interactive PK, you can get rid of these boring, through the system connection and friend interaction PK, that can be really good.

 5. Online coaching guide: Many users don't know how to exercise themselves. The smart treadmill should provide such services. Through the mobile phone connection, different fitness plans can be made according to each individual's specific situation.

Treadmills incorporate intelligent voice technology. From the security point of view, it is possible to adjust the speed, slope, and other functions of the treadmill through voice, thereby avoiding the trouble of the user's hand touching on the treadmill. Conveniently speaking, voice control eliminates the need for the user to touch the button by hand, and can directly achieve the desired exercise mode through verbal communication. In general, if the treadmill joins speech recognition, it can completely liberate the user's hands, which also greatly increases safety and convenience.