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How to use the Massager
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Take note of the use of small massager and some basic little common sense for example

1, this massager uses the USB power supply or 3 section 7th battery;

2, whether sitting, standing or lying can be free to use;

3, put on the battery after the massage device pressed to the massage part with the hand touch massage device on the top of the power switch motor rotation can be;

4, massage can be slightly forced to press the machine to strengthen the massage, massage parts can also go back and forth massage;

5, before using, we should check the massage device's wire, plug, shell, etc. is intact, the household's use voltage and the city voltage is consistent.

6, according to their own situation and needs, choose the switch "strong", "weak" position. Start to use, you can switch to the "weak" file, because everyone just touch the massager, may be a bit not suitable. After a period of massage, there is no uncomfortable feeling, then the massager to the "strong" file (to have a gradual process).

7, each massage time generally up to 30 minutes. If the body feels unwell during the massage or after the massage, the use should be suspended. The problem may be that your choice of massager is not suitable for your physical condition and should be reflected to the merchant.

8, in the massage process, if there is no vibration, play loose or excessive noise, such as abnormal phenomenon, should immediately turn off the switch, unplug the power plug, carefully check and read the instructions to use the matter, to eliminate the failure after use.

9, in the use of hand massager handle, if the arm has a feeling of vibration, this is the normal phenomenon. If you feel unwell, you can put some soft stuff such as sponges on the massager to reduce the discomfort you feel when you vibrate.

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