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How to use an elliptical machine to exercise the hip
- Apr 16, 2018 -

There are two hand-held handles on the elliptical machine, one with the pedals moving back and forth and one with the bicycle handles fixed.

If you want to do aerobic, but also get a good stimulation of the buttocks, it is recommended to hold a fixed handle, which is generally the handle that has the heart rate test sheet metal

Step 1: increase the resistance, girls 5 +, boys 10 +. It is advisable to feel the resistance by stepping on it. If you step on the hot wheels as fast as you can, you will certainly not succeed.

Step 2: Hold the fixed handle, straighten the back, and flex the hip slightly (the torso is approximately 15-20 degrees forward, so that when the leg is stretched, the knee joint is locked and the hip stimulation is more vertical than the trunk). Push it backwards and step on it.

Step 3: Just leave it alone.

Step 4: After stepping for more than half an hour, the buttocks and thighs should be slightly sour, stretching the front thigh and hip muscles for about 5 minutes.