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How to use a treadmill to reduce knee injuries?
- Apr 14, 2018 -

A, warm-up

Whether it is machine running or road running, it is necessary to fully warm up. Warming up is not only for entering the running state earlier, but also for the knee meniscus to have sufficient time for adjustment and uniform stress, and can also stretch the body to the maximum extent and accelerate blood flow. Bad blood supply, so do not warm up or exercise.

B, fully equipped

Running on the treadmill must wear suitable sportswear and running shoes, especially in running shoes, the standard to run on the road, should not be too soft or not to wear.

C. Adjust treadmill speed, slope and exercise time

Running on a treadmill, running at a speed of 6-8 kilometers is optimal, and a knee injury can be reduced at a slope of 2-5 degrees. Running time should be controlled within 40 minutes, and it is not possible to run for a long time. It is best to run at a variable speed. Mainly.

D, few people use treadmills

Patients with chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthrosis, and arthritis, as well as people with heart disease and overweight, are not suitable for treadmill use. Elliptical machines or exercise bikes can be used as an alternative to aerobic training.