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How to choose indoor spinning? How to use it will not hurt the knee?
- Apr 14, 2018 -

The posture of the bike is different, and the body muscles that are exercised are different. If you ride in a sprinting position, your legs will get a lot of exercise intensity. Therefore, exercise posture is very important. As a scientific exercise method, spinning is the first method to use.

1. The weight of the spinning wheel of a spinning bike is very large and small. Under the same resistance section, the greater the exercise intensity of a spinning bicycle with a larger flywheel weight, the greater the exercise intensity.

2. Spinning bikes are basically adjustable resistance. At the same speed, the greater the resistance, the greater the exercise intensity, and the resistance should be adjusted according to their needs.

3, we say that aerobic fat loss, the best way is to use the appropriate strength, increase the duration of exercise. This method is applicable to all aerobic fitness equipment. Whether you are running, cycling or stepping on an elliptical machine, grasp the principle of “appropriate strength and sufficient duration of exercise”, then the purpose of fat reduction is certain to be achieved. 

If you are eager to achieve success, blindly increase the intensity of exercise, such as to adjust to large resistance can be awkward, then there is no doubt, it is definitely counterproductive.