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How to arrange your running speed on a treadmill?
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Treadmill speed adjustment is generally the case: common speed control range 0-16km, 0-20km, 0-22km, etc. (different treadmills have different adjustable speed ranges), the speed is determined by the form of running. The speed of the common forms of running are slow walking (about 2 to 5km/h), jogging or brisk walking (around 6 to 8km/h), and running (about 10km/h). different.

In addition to focusing on the speed of running, but also concerned about the heart rate and slope, in order to achieve better training results.


The effect of the slope is to simulate the resistance of the terrain. In general, adjusting the slope to 1% or 2% can make running closer to running outdoors.

Heart rate

 heart rate is a data that we must pay close attention to while running. This data can directly reflect our exercise state and the effect we can achieve. The rate of heart rate reflects the change of physical condition. We generally judge the physical condition with the best heart rate. The formula is: (208-0.7*age)×0.8=maximum exercise heart rate (208-0.7*age)×0.6=minimum exercise heart rate Under normal circumstances, we can determine our own exercise range based on our own needs and heart rate. (There is no single most authoritative answer to my heart rate formula so far, so it is for reference only)

In short, adjust the treadmill speed and slope according to your needs and heart rate. Must not be blind.