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How to Achieve Better Results With Cycling Bike
- Nov 14, 2018 -

How to Achieve Better Results With Cycling Bike

Cycling  is extremely popular and it’s a great way to train your endurance in the winter season. Here are some simple tips that will increase your gains from cycling

How to Achieve Better Results With Cycling Bike

1. Warm up before cycling

Cycling lessons have a normal length of around 50 minutes. For trained cyclists this is a very short amount of time, when this time includes both warm up, intervals and cool down.

Remember that most spinning lessons are made for people who are not very familiar with cycling training. Therefore, I suggest you do a quick warm-up before you enter the spinning room in order to get more training time.

2. Drink water with electrolytes and carbohydrates

Cycling rooms have a very high temperature and high humidity. Therefore, it is quite normal to sweat much more than you are used to.

Some people believe that they sweat more at spinning lessons because they work harder. That is not true.

They sweat more because of the climate, not because they work harder than normally. I will recommend you to drink water with electrolytes and carbohydrates to maintain a high level of performance during the whole session.

3. Choose intervals carefully

Cycling instructors plan their lesson to be interesting and challenging for a wide range of riders. Most of them train spinning only 2 to 3 times week, so they can use all their effort in this short period.

If you do not like the program made of the instructor, consider to use your own program or one of the indoor cycling program. 

It is possible to ride one of these programs without telling the instructor. Just remember to stand up and sit down when the instructor tells you to (and ignore his commands about pacing strategy).

4. Remember rest days

You can’t do intervals every single day. Some days should be easy days. If you go for a ride in the cycling class on one of these days, please remember your goal with the training.