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How elliptical machines activate hip muscles
- Apr 24, 2018 -

We all know the truth that the muscles of the human body are adapted to the parts of your life that you normally use. Which one do you love to use and which ones are relatively tight? Because in the daily life, sitting in the office, lying down, riding a car and so on, the buttocks rarely participate in exercise, and the hip muscles are very difficult to move, let alone activate. When moving on the elliptical machine, the main force points will be concentrated in the buttocks, and when the pedal is stepped forward, the thighs will use the ankle joint as the axis, accompanied by an elliptical trajectory to move from the back to the back, this action we say is white When you exercise, take the ankle joint as the axis and lean your front leg backwards rather than stepping down with your feet. Do not lift your heel up and reciprocate the circular motion. However, not all elliptical machines on the market can achieve the effect you want. It is still important to emphasize the importance of height and step size. One thing to say is that the smaller the step, the better the hip lift effect. . Here we take Eytex's E5 elliptical machine as an example. If your height is between 150-160 and you want to reach the buttocks effect, it is recommended to use a step distance of less than 38 cm. The effect is very good. If your height is around 160-165, it is recommended to use about 40 cm steps, the effect is quite good. But if you buy an elliptical machine with a fixed step size, such as your height is slightly shorter, and you use the elliptical machine step distance of about 50 cm, so that when exercising, there is no effect of lifting the hip, and at most just burn fat training.

Of course, the correct training posture is also very important. When using the elliptical machine to perform hip training, first the abdomen should remain slightly tight and stand upright. Do not loosen and loosen the state of the lumbar spine and pelvis, and do not allow the waist to twist. The center of gravity is not on the knees. The focus is mainly on the heel, focusing on the buttocks and stretching the hips to reduce the pressure around the knees. Do not lift the heel. Keep your knees in a natural state. Do not extend and adduct the body. Keep it in line with the toes to better use the hip force and avoid knee wear. Heel shaping, correct posture is the key. Intermittent intermittent exercise is also an important point to pay attention to. The hip training time is controlled at about 20 minutes. After using the minimum step distance to exercise for 20 minutes, the exercise mode should be properly changed to switch to a larger step mode for relaxing aerobic exercise. After about 10 minutes of training, the muscles in the buttocks will be rested, which will relieve the soreness of the muscles. Take the 150-160 height crowd as an example. Use the Rieter E5 elliptical machine to exercise for 20 minutes at a distance of 33 centimeters, and then adjust the step to a larger distance. A 40 centimeter step is recommended so that the cross-interval training will be longer than the fixed step. The elliptical machine training played a multiplier effect.

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