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Elliptical machine considerations
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Elliptical machines In general fitness clubs, elliptical machines are quite common cardio-pulmonary fitness training tools, and are also widely used by users. The elliptical's sporty pattern resembles that of cross-country skiing. Although the elliptical machine was designed to have a short period of time, due to the popularity of the public, the development is quite rapid. Unfortunately, so far, in the professional books on exercise physiology, there are not many information on the exercise physiology of this new exercise tool.

1: The elliptical machine is an elliptical trajectory device with minimal movement damage. It mainly drives the flywheel by alternately stepping on both feet and pushing and pulling with both arms. It also depends on the magnetic force, friction force, and the inertia of the flywheel to form the resistance of the ellipse. Sports posture and sports effects are relatively close to running, and it is a systemic aerobic exercise.

2: The advantage of elliptical exercise is that the movement resistance is adjustable, the consumption is controllable, the movement posture is stretched (except for the kind of cottage with seats), the sports injury is minimal, and the noise is minimal; the disadvantage is the small flywheel below 5 kg. Type is not suitable for training muscle explosiveness.

3: The use of elliptical machines. If you choose the right pace and type of machine, almost everyone can use the elliptical machine for fitness.

4: price. The price of the elliptical machine is between the treadmill and the spinning bike, and the elliptical machine in the 2k-6k range is the most cost-effective.

5: Optional points: Although there are many kinds of elliptical machines and the brands are different, under normal circumstances, the following points can be noted: When you look at the weight of the flywheel, the bigger the flywheel, the better. The weight of the flywheel for home elliptical machines is generally 5-12. Between kilograms; Second look at stride and step, step more than 35cm is appropriate, the smaller the better the step, the third way to see the resistance adjustment, self-generation is the highest cost is the highest, and then down is the plug-in electronic control The worst case is manual magnetic control, and the more the gear, the better. Fourth, the net weight and size are better. The larger one is better. The fifth is the position of the flywheel. Under normal circumstances, the front flywheel is better than the rear flywheel.