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- Apr 16, 2018 -

Elliptical machine

  1. The elliptical machine is an elliptical trajectory exercise machine with minimal movement damage. It mainly drives the flywheel by alternately stepping on both feet and pushing and pulling with both arms. At the same time, it depends on magnetic force, friction force and the inertia of the flywheel to form the movement resistance. Both body posture and sports effects are closer to running, and it is a systemic aerobic exercise.

  2. The advantage of elliptical exercise is that the movement resistance is adjustable, the body posture is stretched (except for the kind of cottage with seats), the possibility of causing sports injuries is low, and the noise is low; the disadvantage is that the exercise function of muscle strength is relatively weak , is a simple system of aerobic exercise.

  3. The applicable crowd of elliptical machines. If you choose the model with the right pace and step width, almost everyone can use the elliptical machine for fitness.

  4, the selection principle. Although there are many kinds of elliptical machines and brands vary, in general, the following points are important: When you look at the weight of the flywheel, although the exercise experience of the small flywheel elliptical machine is not good, the flywheel is not necessarily the bigger the better. The weight of the flywheel is generally between 5-12 kg. Secondly, look at the stride (span before and after the pedal) and the step width (the lateral distance between the left and right feet). The stride should be above 35CM (many merchants will use dummy stride parameters, Do not believe, see the flywheel diameter or crankshaft length), step size is as small as possible; Third look at the resistance adjustment method, electromagnetic control is better than manual magnetron, the more the better the stalls; four to see the net weight and size, large and heavy The best; Five to see the position of the flywheel, under normal circumstances the front flywheel is better than the rear flywheel.